Sanifoam, as of 1990 has adopted the principle of creating resources, generating value and investing in technology and knowledge. Our objective is to be the solution partner and system supplier of all our customers with our contemporary and innovative approach.

  • Sanifoam respects people, environment and society during the design and production stages of high quality foams and she has adopted the principle of responding to the needs of her customers with a common engineering and technical consultancy approach. The company, with her innovative and entrepreneurial approach, is a guiding solution in all of her areas of interest.
  • Sanifoam Sünger generates new solutions for her customers with the researches she carries out in the physics laboratories in her factories and in her laboratory under the auspices of Namık Kemal University Technopark.
Güneşli 15 Temmuz Mah. Bahar Cad. Polat İş Merkezi C Blok 6/2 Zemin No:1 Güneşli Bağcılar / İstanbul