Basotect, produced by inflating melamine resin, is a high performance foam widely used in automotive, home appliances, construction industries with its low density, high sound absorption capacity, superior incombustibility and thermal insulation properties. The main types of basotect are Basotect G+ , Basotect W , Basotect B , Basotect TG , Basotect UF , Basotect UL , Basotect G+-Hydrofhobic , Basotect G++.


Firex foam is a sound absorption material in which the ideal sound absorption properties of flexible polyurethane foam are combined with its high non-flammability properties, thanks to the impregnation technology, that is used in areas with fire and fire spread risk. The main types of firex foam are Firex-50 , Firex-70 , Firex-S , Firex-E , Firex-B.


Echobon is a high density ecological insulation material obtained by recycling the foam wastes. Thanks to its high density, it is very effective in low frequency sounds, such as impact sound as well as thermal insulation. Noisy construction machinery, parquet, screed and carpet are examples of its usage areas. The main types of echobon are Echobon-100 , Echobon-120 , Echobon-150 , Echobon-180 , Echobon-200


Echopol is a low density flexible foam that absorbs sound and heat thanks to their open pores. It can be produced with Polyether and Polyester based polyols. It is also possible to produce it with its flame retardant properties according to the place of use. The main types of echopol are Echopol-ES , Echopol-OT , Echopol-OT-FR , Echopol-CS , Echopol-CT , Echopol-RO , Echopol-RC.


Sanifilter is a material obtained by opening homogenously by reticulation method the pores of open-pore flexible polyurethane foams. With the washable and homogeneous properties, it is used as low-cost air, dust and water filter elements in many areas of the industry. After being produced with polyether and polyester-based polyols, different qualities can be gained by impregnation method (non-flammability, high mechanical strength, odor absorbent, etc.) depending on the area of use. The main types of sanifilter are SaniCell , FirexFil , SaniCell-PVC , CarbonFil , MediFoam , SaniPor.


Sanishine is a high strength flexible polyurethane type of foam used during the application of processes, such as smoothing and polishing on the surface. It is widely used for smoothing and polishing purposes in the automotive, rail vehicles, aviation, marine and furniture industries. The main types of sanishine are V2-Mittel , V4 , V8 , V9 , V10 , V65, PPF8.


Sanihydro has a feature of water retention with its pores and structures. It enables convenience to wiping and scrubbing with the help of using water. The main types of sanihydro are Hydro-F31, Hydro-M35, Hydro-G


It is a group of materials formed by bonding synthetic and natural fibers with needling, thermal, chemical, spunlace, spunbond and meltblown methods. It is the general name of all kinds of nonwoven, felt, fabric material group and these materials stand out with their acoustic and thermal insulation properties. It can be partially produced from recycled material. The main types of sanifelt are SaniFelt-T , SaniFelt-N , SaniFelt-G , SaniFelt-C , SaniFelt-Cera , SaniFelt-Eglass.


It is a sealing material used for heat, dust, liquid and vibration insulation and produced with or without self-adhesive, with heat resistance, various surfaces, various hardnesses and various mechanical strengths, depending on the requirements of the place where it will be used. The main types of saniseal are SaniSeal-PE , SaniSeal-EV , SaniSeal-EP , SaniSeal-SC , SaniSeal-NR , AcFoam


It is acrylic and hotmelt based adhesive produced as transfer or carrier classified according to various thicknesses, operation temperatures and adhesion strengths.

Kaplama ve Katman

It is a group of materials applied as a final layer or intermediate layer according to the requirements of the end-use of the products. Self-adhesive, Film coating, Aluminum Coating, Heavy Layer combinations, NW coating, spray coating are the main types of coating and layer processes


It is plywood and compact laminate products made of different tree species used as floor, ceiling and side wall coverings or carriers especially in commercial vehicles.