We manufacture scrubber sponges, cleaning clothes, car sponges with shampoo, bath sponges, scouring fibers with various dimensions, quality and quantities in a package under Sanitex, Star and Blues brands
Our product range diversify with microfiber clothes, stainless steel scourers, magic (melamine) sponge and cellulosic sponge
In addition, scrubber sponges and cleaning clothes manfucatured with required dimensions and quality can be shipped to be carried its packaging process out by customer.
It is used
• polieter and poliester sponge with various densities,
• scouring fibers with various dimensions and compositions and,
• cleaning clothes with various dimensions and compositions,
in our production line.

Private Label Production

Sanifoam also produces on behalf of various national and international chain markets and brands. More than 20 years of experience in private label production, Sanifoam ensures trouble-free service from the quality determination and design stage to the warehouse delivery stage in line with customer demands.
During the production,
Polyether and polyester sponge in various densities,
Scouring fiber in different square meter weights,
Cleaning clothes in different square meter weights and compositions,
Packaging materials containing the customer brands are used.

Raw Material Production

Sanifoam produces scouring fiber in its factory located in Tekirdağ-Veliköy Organized Industrial Zone and non-woven fabric in its factory located in Bursa-Kestel Organized Industrial Zone. From 250 gr/m² up to 850 gr/m², scouring fiber can be produced in various colors by using environmentally friendly chemicals. In accordance with customer demand, raw materials are produced as sheet, laminated sheet or roll. Cleaning clothes, which can be produced as cut folded or rolled, starting from 90 gr/m² and weighing up to 400 gr/m², are prepared using polyester and viscose fiber.