Scouring Sponges

1. Plain Scrubber Sponges and Scrubber Sponges with Grip
2. Plain Comfort (cellulosic) Sponge and Comfort (cellulosic) Sponge with Grip
3. Honeycombed Dish Sponges
4. Industrial Plain Scrubber Fibers and Industrial Scrubber Fibers with Grip

Cleaning Clothes

1. Cleaning Clothes
2. Perforated Cleaning Clothes
3. Floor Clothes
4. Microfiber Clothes
5. Window Clothes
6. Sponge Clothes

Scouring Balls

1. Scouring Balls
2. Industial Scouring Balls
3. Scouring Ball with Sponge

Bath Sponges

1. Bath Sponges
2. Bath Sponges with Massage
3. Cellulosic Bath Sponge
4. Cellulosic Make-Up Cleaning Sponge

Car Sponges

1. Car Sponges
2. Car Sponges with Shampoo


1. Scouring Fibers
2. Magic (Melamine) Sponges
3. Refrigerator Mats